Protecting your dock leveller

Our top 3 tips on how to avoid damaging your dock leveller.

Dock levellers are used where a large number of goods are moved in a short time. It can quickly happen that a dock leveller is damaged, which can lead to significant downtimes at the loading bay. We have put together our top 3 tips for protecting your dock leveller, so that you can avoid this and at the same time increase the safety in your loading operations.

Improper operation is one of the most common causes of damage to your dock leveller. An example of this is driving too fast on the dock leveller with a forklift. This potentially significant damage often results from your staff´s lack of knowledge. You should therefore ensure that all employees in your company receive training on how to operate dock levellers properly. In addition, the operating instructions should always be clearly visible in the immediate vicinity of the dock leveller´s control unit.

You should also make sure that an expert performs regular maintenance on your dock leveller. This ensures that your dock leveller is always functional and safe. In addition, you increase the productivity at your loading point and reduce the risk of accidents for your employees.

If the truck drives off at an angle or at too high a speed, the dock leveller will also be damaged. In order to minimize these driving errors, the use of additional accessories is recommended. For example, drive-in aids can be used. These make it easier for the truck driver to start and ensure that the dock leveler is approached as straight as possible. In addition, our dock seals have reflective strips on both sides, which help the truck driver to get off to a perfect start. Approach buffers are a proven protection for your dock leveler. However, you should always make sure that the buffers are correctly attached and fully functional. The type and material of the buffers should be selected depending on the loading situation and loading frequency.

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