One of the most frequent causes of accidents during the loading process arises from the fact that the truck or trailer is pushed forward by the forklift driving in and out.

After the forklift truck has driven across several

times, the dock leveller no longer lies securely on the freight lorry and can slip off from the loading surface. If the forklift is on the loading bridge at that moment, there is a serious risk of injury to the forklift driver.

This risk is counteracted with our patented IQ-Slide solution. The intelligent telescopic lip follows the truck and prevents the dock leveller from slipping. When the telescopic lip has covered its maximum distance, this is indicated by an LED lamp on the control unit.

With this innovative option, you not only prevent damage to the goods or the truck, but also actively contribute to the protection of your employees.

We offer the IQ-Slide solution as an option. You can order our dock levellers with a telescopic lip with the intelligent telescopic lip from mid of 2021.

Use innovative security and be innovative for sure.

Further details can be found in the data sheet: To the data sheet.

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