Safety in the loading operation

Accident - That is really not neccessary! Read here, how accidents at the loading bay arise and how you can avoid these

In the often hectic loading operation, man and machine meet dozens of times a day. This results in a high risk potential. Poor visibility, time pressure and ignorance are just some of the additional risks at the loading point. A quarter of all industrial accidents happen during loading. But not only personal injury occurs, but also damage to buildings and equipment that can be caused by a lack of safety measures. The resulting necessary repairs lead to downtimes and high costs for your company.

To avoid these dangers, the safety measures should be adequately communicated and strictly followed. Sources of danger should be identified and defused. In addition, employees should be trained to give them the knowledge they need for more safety in loading operations.

In addition, you can increase the safety with the right equipment at your loading point:

Truck restraint systems, such as our Calematic, sustainably reduce the risk of accidents at the loading point by securing the truck and thus preventing the truck from moving away prematurely and unintentionally.

With the TÜV-tested NC Silence Plus coating, you minimize the risk of slipping on the dock leveller, especially in poor weather conditions, such as rain or snow. The coating can be retrofitted to your existing dock leveller within an hour or can be delivered when you order a new one.

Our NovoEasy security system is recommended for additionally protecting your building. The ideal collision protection measures the distance between the truck and the loading ramp and shows this to the driver via a traffic light. As a result, the truck stops at the optimal distance in front of the ramp.

In order to achieve the best possible safety results, you should ensure that your loading equipment is always in good condition and that regular maintenance is carried out.

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