Regular maintenance

How often is regular?

Last week we already discussed arguments for a regular maintenance of a dock leveller. But what does regular actually mean? How often is regular?

First of all, the operator of a dock leveller should perform a visual inspection for damages on a daily basis. In case any damage is detected on the components of the dock leveller, it must no longer be operated and the damage must be repaired immediately.

Every year an expert has to perform maintenance on a dock leveller. The expert will examine the entire steel structure for possible damage, such as wear, cracks, holes or signs of corrosion. In addition, a functional test of the dock leveller is carried out. Furthermore, the correct condition of the electrical wiring is checked and a check is made for any leaks in the hydraulic system. It is also controlled if all safety devices are complete and function properly.

Every two years the oil of the hydraulic unit needs to be changed.

Moreover, dock levellers must be checked after major repairs such as welding works on load-bearing components. The extent of the required check depends on the extent of the repairs.

Please note that only an expert is allowed to perform maintenance work and other work on a dock leveller. Additionally, the manual and maintenance guide, as well as the accident prevention regulations should be considered.

Follow this advice and your dock leveller will contribute to a safe operation with minimal downtimes for a long time.

Detailed information on all required work can be found in the maintenance guide and the test report.

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