RAMPEX-PRO for free for SELECT customers

SELECT customers receive a set of our new RAMPEX-PRO buffer for free.

The RAMPEX-PRO was developed to combine the positive properties of the common ramp buffers for loading bridges.

Its unique slat construction makes it the softest buffer with a steel front plate. The lamellas give it the damping properties of a pure rubber buffer and the steel front plate has a long service life.

Thanks to its special components and excellent properties, the RAMPEX-PRO is ideally suited for loading ramps with high loading frequencies.


Special advantage for SELECT customers

We provide our SELECT customers with a set of our new RAMPEX-PRO buffer free of charge. The prerequisite for this is that we receive feedback from you and a photo of the buffers. If you are interested, please contact us.


Not a SELECT customer yet?

Would you also like to become a SELECT customer? Then contact us now and let our staff advise you.


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