Approach buffers are installed on each side of the dock leveller to protect building and vehicles from damage.

We can provide you with buffers made of various materials. We already presented them to you last week. Today we would like to go into more detail about our different Nytrex approach buffers.

Nytrex is a high-stability plastic that is characterized by its high strength. Therefore, Nytrex lasts seven to ten times longer than rubber under the same conditions and is ideal for the use in approach buffers. Our Nytrex approach buffers are extremely popular not only because of their longevity, but also because of their good visibility. Our customers save not only the frequent replacement of other buffers, but also repair costs for buildings and trucks. Nytrex is not only good for your budget, but also for the environment, as it is 100% recyclable.

Our standard Nytrex approach buffers (Nytrex F) consist of a solid Nytrex block and a matching rubber mat. They are mounted on a galvanized steel plate on the edge of the ramp. A special feature of all of our Nytrex approach buffers is that you can simply turn the Nytrex block in the event of any signs of wear and thus increase the service life even more.

Our NovoSlider combines the excellent properties of the Nytrex material with a long spring deflection and thus comes very close to an ideal approach buffer. Thanks to the height-adjustable front part, the NovoSlider can follow the height movements of the truck. This approach buffer is therefore particularly suitable for high loading frequencies.

During the docking process, lorry swap bodies have the disadvantage that they stand above the ramp level due to the high support legs. This very quickly results in damage to the buffers, dock levellers and, above all, to the doors. For this reason, approach buffers that protrude above ramp level are often mounted on these loading bays. Although these offer better protection, they have the disadvantage that, depending on the transported goods, not the full width of the lorry or swap body is available. The NovoSlider L provides a remedy, its lateral notches make it possible to use the full width of the lorry. At the same time, the drive-over protection is maintained.

The NovoLift offers another possibility to prevent driving over the approach buffer above ramp level. A height-adjustable steel carriage is guided above ramp level with a pneumatic spring. As soon as the lorry has docked, the operator can easily press the approach buffer down with his feet. The buffer locks into place automatically and the loading process can begin. After loading, the carriage can easily be unlocked and automatically returns to the highest position.

You can conveniently order our Nytrex approach buffers in our online shop around the clock. If you have any questions about our products, please contact our team by phone (+49 511 76 36 79 - 0) or email (info@mydocking.com). We would be happy to advise you.


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