Why is it important to perform maintenance on dock levellers regularly?

A good loading point is characterized by a little to no downtimes at all, as well as a high level of safety for the employees. In order to ensure that your dock leveller contributes to a safe and downtime-free environment, its maintenance is essential. Safety deficiencies and unsafe dock levellers can be identified at an early stage or even avoided completely through regular maintenance. If a dock leveller is faulty and the loading operation is no longer possible, high costs arise. Regular maintenance reduces the risk of malfunctions in the long term. Downtime can also occur if the dock leveller only has a short lifetime. Regular maintenance contributes to a longer service life and the avoidance of further investments. We would particularly like to emphasize that regular maintenance is required by national and international regulations.

There are many reasons suggesting that regular maintenance of the dock leveller is necessary. We will take a look at what exactly regular means next week.

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