Hydraulic hoses

How often should hydraulic hose lines be replaced and how do you recognize damage?

Hydraulic hose lines fulfil an important function since they transfer the energy from the hydraulic unit to the hydraulic cylinder and thus enable the dock leveller to move. If the hydraulic hoses are damaged, there is a considerable safety risk, which can lead to personal, property and environmental damage. Damaged hydraulic hose lines should therefore be replaced as soon as possible. Deformations of any kind on the hydraulic hose, such as kinks, crushing points or the formation of bubbles, are a sign of damage. In addition, it is necessary to replace the hydraulic hose in the event of corrosion or embrittlement of the outer layer, deformation of any kind or separation of layers.

According to "BGR 237 / DGUV rule 113-020 Hydraulic hose lines and hydraulic fluids - rules for safe use", the operator is obliged to have hydraulic hoses checked at appropriate intervals. With a normal requirement profile, an annual examination is indicated. The inspector assesses the condition and age of the hoses and determines whether a hydraulic hose needs to be replaced. If the hydraulic hoses are damaged, they should be replaced as soon as possible. But age also plays a major role: after a period of use of a maximum of six years including a storage time of a maximum of two years, hydraulic hose lines should be replaced.


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