DSS running in 2018…

After docking Solution und Service GmbH took part in the Hanover company race from 2012 through 2017, we decided to take part in the 2nd Wisent Run by VfV Concordia Alvesrode this year, and to support the association as a sponsor.

Excellent racing weather

The race took place in Wisentgehege near Springe/Hanover on 17/08/2018.

Sebastian Arnold and Jörg Köppe (with his son Bastian) completed two laps of the 3 km track while enjoying outstanding summer weather. Stefan Schlaghecken completed three laps.

Taking part in 2019

As a sponsor, we funded medals for the children’s race, as well as non-alcoholic wheat beers available to all racers in the adult competition. 

We will be taking part in the 3rd edition of the race on 16/08/2019, once again supporting VfV Concordia Alvesrode as a sponsor.

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