The 6th “AUFBAU-FACHTAG” symposium will be held on September 18th, 2018 in the Novoferm Showroom & Training Centre in Dortmund. mydocking will be once again our expert knowledge to the event. Michael Menzel and Jörg Köppe from mydocking will be giving exciting talks and presentations on the topic of “Safety and digitisation in the age of Logistics 4.0”.

The logistics industry continues to face new challenges. E-commerce, environmental requirements and increasing digitisation demand new types of logistics properties than those used in the past.

The symposium will focus on the areas of “digitisation” and “safety” in the loading dock to provide verifiable competitive advantages to users.

In total, the event will offer five lectures:

  1. “Digital building planning using the BIM method” (Markus Poppinghuys)
  2. “Digitisation increases safety and efficiency” (Jörg Köppe)
  3. “The foundation of the safe loading dock: new dock leveller functions reduce the risk for accidents” (Michael Menzel)
  4. “Safety without compromises: truck restraint systems prevent trucks from driving away prematurely” (Michael Menzel)
  5. “Safety and design in office buildings, using the example of multifunctional doors” (Jörn Lohmann)

Practical presentation – “Practical application and simulation using installed components” (Michael Menzel and Jörg Köppe)

Interested architects and planners can register directly on the Novoferm website:

We look forward to seeing you there.

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