The 4th “AUFBAU” symposium will be held on 24/10/2017 in the Novoferm Showroom & Training Centre, and mydocking will be taking an active role in the event. Michael Menzel and Jörg Köppe from mydocking will be giving exciting talks and presentations on the topic of “Efficiency and digitisation in the world of logistics”, designed to spark a lively exchange and engaging discussions.

In total, the event will offer five lectures:

covering current options and clear advantages at the interface between truck and building. The event will focus on the topics of “saving energy” and “digitisation”. The seminar is free of charge, and has been registered as an architect training program by the NRW Architectural Chamber.

Interested architects and planners can register directly on the Novoferm website:

  1. “Energy efficiency through smart planning” (Dr. Klaus Sommer)
  2. “The most efficient loading bay” (Michael Menzel)
  3. “Creating smart buildings with IoT” (Felix Bökhaus)
  4. “The path to digitisation” (Jörg Köppe)
  5. “International planning reliability through European usability certificates and fire barriers” (Dr. Dieter Ehlting)

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