2018 website – better³

Fresher, more mobile, and more valuable. After careful planning and several intensive work phases, we launched the new website just in time for our 10-year anniversary!

Target audience in focus

We worked with our advertising agency CONIMAGE to fully redesign the content and technology used on the page and ensure they are up to date to meet our current and future needs. What are our customers and partners interested in? How can we make their everyday work easier? We had to add several hundred products to the new page in the process.

Fresh design

Large images, clearly defined topics, and an easy to understand menu structure provide a better overview. Instead of permanently visible menu items, teasers placed strategically for different topics serve as springboards to the individual posts. They combine with a search function on every page to provide targeted navigation, helping you quickly find the information you are looking for, or discover exciting topics related to loading technology.

Mobile, right from the start

Most of us have been moving away from stationary computers to get online for years. Instead, mobile devices are becoming our everyday tools of choice, even in work settings. That is why our page is optimised for use on different display sizes. Whether you use a smartphone, tablet or desktop computer – you are always guaranteed the best possible user experience.

3D views

One unique highlight of the new website is the 3D view function, which you can use to view selected products from all sides to get a better idea of their design. See an example of a 3D view here. We are planning to expand this function further and use it for the majority of our products in the future. 

Constant development

We consider delivering a helpful, up-to-date website to be an ongoing process, not a completed project. We prefer this process to be one of teamwork with you, the user, by our side. We always appreciate receiving constructive feedback from you.

If you have ideas for improvements, please use our contact form We are happy to review your suggestions and include them in our future updates and optimisations, just like our motto says:



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