10 years of mydocking

Current and former customers and service partners, and stakeholders from many different countries were invited to Hanover on 19 April 2018.


Always one idea ahead. The anniversary celebration was designed around mydocking’s current slogan. A fully redesigned dock leveller that will set new standards in terms of safety, efficiency, and communication was the highlight of the event. The event also related the history of the company, and offered a view of the future of topics like Logistics 4.0 and connectivity.

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Guests also enjoyed learning about different new retrofitting solutions. Service-oriented attendees were impressed by the new website and the new app, primarily designed to support service technicians on construction sites.

Attendees also discussed mydocking's 10 year history and everything the company has achieved thus far.

The day was very well organised and implemented, and it was clear the team had used its experience from planning many prior events. Feedback from the approx. 100 attendees was uniformly positive.


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